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NoiseModelling Workshop

A free one-day workshop will be held just before Forum Acusticum 2020 in Lyon. The aim is to familiarize participants with the open-source software NoiseModelling*. To pre-register, you can complete this form before March 2nd 2019 :




Dear colleagues,

The version 3.0 of the open-source software NoiseModelling is now officially released*.

We propose to organise a free one-day workshop just before Forum Acusticum 2020. It will take place at IFSTTAR in Bron (very near Lyon). The purpose of this workshop is to familiarize participants with this open-source software and encourage them to eventually join the Noise-Planet community.

More broadly, we hope that this workshop will also be an opportunity to have an exchange on open-source software in environmental acoustics.

It is open to all types of participants, from master's students to professors, technicians or engineers.

Best regards,

Pierre Aumond, Judicaël Picaut, Nicolas Fortin


* NoiseModelling is a library capable of producing noise maps of cities. This tool is almost compliant with the CNOSSOS-EU standard method for the noise emission (only traffic) and noise propagation. It can be freely used either for research and education, as well as by experts in a professional use.


Here, you can find:

- the source code:

- documentation with a short tutorial :

- the release to download :