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LIFE E-VIA : construction of the prototype pavement on the test facility in Nantes

... for the reduction of noise pollution from road traffic noise, in relation to the increasing share of electric vehicles in urban traffic

The LIFE E-VIA project, initiated in 2019, aims at assessing and optimising tyre/road interaction in order to control electric vehicle noise, thus contributing to the reduction of the negative impact of road transport on human health. The project programme targets mitigation measures jointly involving optimisation of road surfaces and tyres. It includes the design of new tracks based on selected mixtures.

Two test sections 50m-long and 4m-wide with prototype surfaces have been implemented from 7 to 9 September at Université Gustave Eiffel in Nantes. The specifications of the mixes, one of them containing crumb rubber, have been specified by LIFE E-VIA project partners. The next tasks will consist of an extensive evaluation of the acoustic and physical properties of the road surfaces, and will involve electric vehicles.


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