Thesis in progress

BASSIL Marianne

  • Title: Study of the aerodynamical mechanisms responsible for tyre/road contact noise
  • Beginning of the thesis: october 2017
  • Doctoral school: SPIGA
  • Contact UMR: Julien CESBRON, Philippe KLEIN
  • Funding: Univ. Gustave Eiffel


  • Title : Modelling of the uncertainities in outdoor noise prediction – application to wind turbine noise
  • Beginning of the thesis : october 2017
  • Doctoral school : SPIGA
  • Contact in UMR : Benoit GAUVREAU, David ECOTIERE
  • Funding : Cerema / Univ. Gustave Eiffel




  • Title: Modeling and perceptual characterisation of rare events in urban environmental acoustics
  • Beginning of the thesis: october 2018
  • Doctoral school: SPI
  • Contact in UMR: Arnaud CAN, Judicaël PICAUT
  • Funding: ENS