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The Joint Research Unit in Environmental Acoustics (UMRAE) is a common laboratory of the French Institute of Science and Technology for Transport, Development and Networks (IFSTTAR) and the Centre for Studies on Risks, Mobility, Land Planning and the Environment (CEREMA). Created on 1st January 2018, it merges groups of researchers, engineers, technical staff and doctoral students from both entities. It carries out research missions related to noise reduction and noise impact on environment.

In the spotlight

Mercredi 3 octobre 2018 à 13 h, amphi Viarme de l'IFSTTAR-Nantes


Le congrès Internoise-2018 se tiendra à Chicago du 26 au 29 août 2018.


L'UMRAE a remporté l'appel à projet ANR 2018 avec son projet PIBE (Prévoir le Bruit des Eoliennes).


New internship and doctoral thesis offers are available.



New brief online


Noise Capture: A new App for in situ characterisation of your noise environment. More information here

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