Videos on UMRAE

Research careers

Arnaud Can, researcher in environmental acoustics

Jean-Rémy Gloaguen, PhD student in environmental acoustics

Charlotte Curé, bioacoustician

Clément Piégay, PhD student in building acoustics

Benjamin Benti, PhD student in bioacoustics

Bill Kayser, PhD student in environmental acoustics


The tyre-road contact test rig

Rolling noise measurement                      

Noise mapping on urban scale model

Listening to Nature - The Mystery of the Invisible Fish



Fragments of science

Map of bicyclist noise exposure to road traffic       

LIFE E-VIA: low-noise road surface prototype for electric vehicles

Software and apps


PhD defenses

PhD defense of Clément Piégay - 2019

Presentation slides of the defense are available here.

PhD defense of Benjamin Benti - 2020

PhD defense of Marianne Bou Leba Bassil - 29 September 2020 (in French)

PhD Defense of Bill Kayser - 19 November 2020



Saint-Nazaire, Digital Week, 2017 

Pop'Sciences, La Duchère, Lyon, 2019 

The Week of Sound of UNESCO 2020 - Impact of low frequencies on health