3D texture measurement

The texture defines the gap between a road surface and a perfectly flat surface in various spatial wavelengths. It is a key parameter in the generation of tyre/road noise. Its features influence several mechanisms contributing to noise emission.


The 3D profilometer is a in situ measurement system of road texture. It carries out static three-dimensional topographical recordings on a length approx. 1.5 metre and a width 35 cm. The measuring is contactless and uses a laser profile sensor which scans the surface in multiple passes. The reconstitution of the whole measured surface is achieved through laboratory post-processing.


This system is used for the UMRAE research needs on the acoustical optimisation of road surfaces. With the texture recordings, the road texture can be characterized regarding its acoustic performance. They can also be used as inputs of physical models aiming at a better understanding of the mechanisms involved in rolling noise generation.

Contact: Philippe Klein