Research objectives

The UMRAE research activities focus on the reduction of noise and its impact on environment, through experimental, numerical, theoretical and interdisciplinary approaches. The objectives of UMRAE aim to :

  1. Improve scientific knowledge and disseminate results on noise generation, propagation and reception in the environment (« academic » research).
  2. Develop noise prediction tools for planners and specialists, by proposing :
    • reference approaches (laboratory models towards the scientific community);
    • engineering approaches (specification, standards, calculation codes) towards the professional world (engineering companies).
  3. Develop and disseminate acoustic methods for the experimental characterization of noise sources, materials, infrastructures, noise levels and relevant observables, towards the scientific and technical community.
  4. Propose reduction and protection solutions against noise across
    • the territory (optimisation of traffic plans, development of infrastructures...),
    • the infrastructure (road surfaces, noise barriers…),
    • the material (component of a building wall, revegetation of facades…).