Rolling noise measurement

UMRAE has two specific equipments for the close-proximity measurement of car rolling noise: two vehicles equipped with the Sonoroute software and a closed trailer.

These complementary systems are used for the UMR research needs concerning the acoustical optimization of road surfaces and the monitoring of the acoustical performance of road surfaces. They can also be used to provide service to road network managers or companies linked to road construction or maintenance.


Measurement vehicle

The vehicle for the continuous measurement of rolling noise is a system initially developed by IFSTTAR and CEREMA. This equipment, currently installed on a Renault Scenic vehicle, performs a fine and in situ characterization of the acoustical performance of road surfaces, as well as a highly efficient auscultation of the road network. It is designed to be operated on a light or commercial vehicle driven at variable speed, whilst inserting into an urban or interurban traffic flow. In order to improve the measure quality and make it consistent with the future standard tyre(s) (for exemple the SRTT tyre recommended in the standard ISO 11819-2), an evolution of the measurement system is considered, on the basis of an hybrid vehicle.

Closed trailer

The "trailer" system is a unique equipment in France (otherwise used by several European countries), consistent with the SRTT reference tyre. It is currently tested and in qualification with the Strasbourg group of UMRAE. It should be used as a "reference" for the continuous measurement of rolling noise on the vehicles which are faced with issues concerning the replacement of the test or the vehicle tyre.

The rolling noise measurement (in French)