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Thematic Folder 'Noise'

Noise is a nuisance for two out of three French people, particularly in urban areas, due to noise outside the home (noise from transport, construction sites, etc.). In concrete terms, it is considered very irritable for 25% of the population and can lead to a move (20% of the population).

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Noise Capture

Noise Capture: An application for the evaluation of our noise environment

Faced with the multiplication of pollution sources, the search for a quality sound environment has long been a priority at European level. Large cities are now required to draw up action plans based on noise maps.
In this context, Ifsttar and CNRS have joined forces to develop an innovative solution that places people and their smartphones at the heart of the assessment of their sound environment.

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Let's participate in the redevelopment of our neighbourhoods

Nowadays, every citizen is called upon to ask himself many questions about his living environment. Whether they are personal or on a neighbourhood scale, these questions can be taken into account when developing a neighbourhood.

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