Characterization of materials

Porous materials are a particular field of interest in acoustics, since the air-saturated porous network dissipates acoustic waves  through visco-inertial, thermal and elastic phenomena. This energy dissipation can be quantified and qualified by several equipments.


UMRAE is equipped with Kundt's tubes for the characterisation of the acoustical performance of materials: surface impedance (absorption) as well as transmission (transmission loss).

The characterisation of acoustical parameters is carried out with:

  • a porosimeter (measurement of the open air porosity),
  • a resistivimeter (measurement of airflow resistance),
  • a tortuosity meter (measurement of the high frequency limit of the dynamic tortuosity).

Research on biosourced materials, such as hemp concrete or vegetal wools, receives particular attention. Moreover, this laboratory has the benefit of nearby equipment for the thermal characterisation of materials. The available resources are still not restricted to biosourced materials. They can also be used for example on materials such as road pavements or environmental soils.