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Congratulations to Loanne PICHOT, UMRAE doctoral student, winner of the Sciences en Bulles...

The Fête de la Science saw the launch of "Sciences en Bulles", a comic strip about theses.

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Sciences en Bulles is an operation created by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research (MESR) since 2019 within the Fête de la Science.

Loanne Pichot, a 1st year PhD student in Bio-acoustics at UMRAE, is interested in underwater noise generated by human activities that have repercussions on marine fauna (cetaceans).

Her research topic has been chosen to represent the Gustave Eiffel University/Cerema for the 2024 event.

His thesis topic: Quantifying the disruptive effects of human activities on humpback whales.


Sciences en Bulles 2023