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NoiseCapture presented by Judicaël Picaut at the SoL Consortium Seminar

The 8 November 2023

On Air: Mapping and cataloguing the world and soundscapes, from Acoustics to Eco-acoustics

2:00 pm - 2:30 pm: NoiseCapture, a mobile participatory research application for assessing noise environments by Judicaël Picaut (UMRAE, Université Gustave Eiffel-Cerema).
The NoiseCapture application enables users to assess their exposure to noise, describe their sound environment using keywords, and then export all this information to a community database. Thanks to the considerable amount of data collected since 2017, by over 100,000 contributors, and subject to being able to qualify the quality of the data, it now becomes possible to build realistic noise maps, usable by local authorities, but also for the benefit of research.