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UMRAE is recruiting 2 research fellows

The UMRAE, a research unit under the auspices of the Université Gustave Eiffel and Cerema, has 2 vacancies for researchers (civil servants) in environmental acoustics...

  • 1 position will be open at the UMRAE Lyon site (employing institution: Université Gustave Eiffel), with a research profile focusing on characterization and modeling of environmental noise sources (see FR and EN job descriptions).
  • 1 position will be opened at the UMRAE Strasbourg site (employer: Cerema), with a research profile focusing on the modeling of acoustic propagation in the environment (see FR and EN job descriptions).

The aim of these two positions is to contribute to better control of outdoor noise environments.

The competitions will be organized by the French Ministry of Ecological Transition.

  • The competition is scheduled to open on 12/02/2024 (provisional date) on the Ministry's website:
  • The deadline for submission of the application file is March 15, 2024 (provisional date).
  • The content of the application file and the application procedure will be detailed on the competition website; the file will include a detailed CV, a record of the candidate's research activities and a research project in line with the job description and UMRAE's scientific project. Candidates are expected to contact UMRAE management for further information (see job descriptions).
  • Positions are open to PhD holders.
  • The positions are also open to foreign candidates.
  • Those recruited will be members of the Corps des chargés de recherche du développement durable (status equivalent to that of the CNRS).
  • Candidates wishing to apply for the 2 posts must submit a specific application for each post.

Useful links :
- link to the competition for the position of CRCN (Cerema) - Modelling acoustic propagation in the environment (coming soon)
- link to the competition for the CRCN position (Université Gustave Eiffel) - Characterisation of sources in the environment (coming soon)
- UMRAE website (research themes, equipment, team, publications, productions, etc.)

Contacts :
- Judicaël Picaut, UMRAE Director,
- David Écotière, Deputy Director of the UMRAE,